The CO Ltd team is committed to providing our customers with exceptional value added services to make their experience with our team complete.

Financial Advisory Services

CO Ltd works closely with top tier financial advisors to provide our clients with additional piece of mind when considering the effects of their real estate investments and acquisitions on their financial future.


Relocating to Colorado is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself, your family and your business. The economy in Colorado continues to stand out as one of top in the nation. Coupled with over 300 days of sunshine annually and boastful access to world class mountains, its easy to understand why more companies and individuals alike have chosen to call Colorado home. Clean air, leading education systems and access to exceptional neighborhoods makes living in Colorado the perfect backdrop for your future.

From urban living in the city, to inspiring living in the mountains, let CO Ltd's relocation services make your move to Colorado an easy transition. We encourage you to reach out to our team to see for yourself how enjoyable it can be to find your next best place.

Market Research

The Denver real estate market has consistently performed in a manner much different from that of other major cities in the US. Additionally, neighborhoods in Denver vary dramatically with regards to economic accessibility, cultural trends and building understanding navigating the variances in the micro-market data can make a big difference in your financial decisions. Let us customize your strategy to locate the perfect property for you.

Pre-Buy Services

Acquiring a home or an investment property demands that lenders, investors and private equity entities have transparency into your finances. Let us consult with you to make certain that you will have the greatest chance for being successful in your endeavor. From credit modification services to financial advising, we have the relationships to solidify your credit and financial capacities before you engage financing.